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Daniel Henriques

Where are you from? How old are you? 

I’m from Portugal and i’m 32 years old.

How did your surroundings impact on your tastes/work?

My surroundings and circumstances did impact my tastes and work.

I had a poor childhood and lived in a rural area were i got cut off from the world a couple of months of the year, when school was out, so in a way that led me to dive into imaginary universes in comics, books and tv and it really sparked my imagination, but then i also had the rest of the year were i enjoyed just riding my bike with my friends and being out, and having some fun adventures, so there’s a nice balance that allowed me have a a pretty well balanced and diverse range of tastes. 

Favorite comic book, movie, book, tv show, band, growing up?

Spawn ( it´s the comic that made me want to get into the biz), Alien, everything Stephen King, The X-files, Metallica and Soundgarden.

Favorite creators and their impact on your work?

Todd Mcfarlane is the main influence in me wanting to get into comics, also Greg Capullo and Joe Madureira were huge inspirations to me, and more directly in terms of the craft of inking Jonathan Glapion, Scott Williams and Danny Miki. 

When did you start thinking that writing/ drawing/ inking/ coloring could be your job?

I decided i wanted to be an inker as soon as i discovered what inking was, i always wanted to work in comics and this way i could collaborate with my favorite artists, that was my main drive.

How was the road to get there?

It was a game of patience and hard work, i was lucky in some of the friendships i made and i never really did the going to cons showing portfolios thing.

Jonathan Glapion is the reason i was able to get my work in front of editors and taught me a lot about inking and the biz itself, so for nearly 2 years i was helping out on some work and trying to improve on my craft, to be ready when an opportunity presented itself, and when it did, the actual work started. Staying in the biz is much harder than breaking in, so i usually lower my head and try to do my best and hopefully let the work speak for itself.

How´s your work day?

For the last couple of years it´s been pretty much 12 to 20 hours a day at the table, sometimes more, seven days a week with little time for anything else, now that i have a small daughter i´m trying to have more balanced days and every time i’m not at the table i try to be with her.

Tools of the trade?

When working traditionally a nib (Hunt 102,Deleter Maru), brush ( Raphael Kolinsky,Windsor and Newton Series 7) and several pens, even tough i tend to use nib more than the rest, several india inks and white inks. When working digitally i do most of my work in Clip Studio Paint(Manga Studio) on the Wacom Mobile studio pro 16.

Best/worst part of the job?

Best, working on titles i love with artists i respect. Worse, definitely, tight deadlines.

Creative slumps, do you have them? How do you overcome them?

Don’t really have them, sometimes i might not really be in the mood, but i just push through.

Social life? Possible to have one?

Yes, just have to find the right balance and avoid distractions while working.

Comic conventions? Yay or nay?

Yay for sure, great to meet the readers of our books, and hang out with other pros.

Favorite gig?

Maybe the run i did on JLA with Bryan Hitch because it´s the longest i did and a complete story.

Dream gig?

Don´t really have one.

Thoughts on the medium as it stands today?

We’re living in a very diverse and creative era and i feel that it shows in comics, there´s a huge range of titles and artistic styles, i also quite enjoy the adaptations made to the big and small screen, and just wish that it would help bring more people into comics as well.

Creator owned versus non creator owned?

Both have their place and can thrive side by side, i’m happy to see creators jump from one to the other.

The future?

Wrapping up the issues i have left, and can´t talk about what´s to come yet, but i´m hoping for an exciting 2018.

Daniel Henriques  ( born in 1985, is a Portuguese comic book inker, he started his inking career as an inking assistant for Danny Miki and later on Jonathan Glapion where he contributed inks for titles at Marvel Comics, Image and DC Comics. In 2015 he began his solo career at DC comics, where he has worked on a wide variety of DC titles, including Green Arrow, Mortal Kombat X, Batman Arkham Knight: Robin, Green Lanterns , Justice League vs Suicide Squad, JLA, Justice League Rebirth, and recently on Justice League of America and Supergirl.


Pencils by Bryan Hitch.

Pencils by Bryan Hitch.

Pencils by Robson Rocha.

Pencils by Robson Rocha.

Pencils by Robson Rocha.

Pencils by Robson Rocha.

Cover image pencils by Robson Rocha.

16 January
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